Fresh Heritage


Describe your Brand: 

We create high quality beard grooming products for men of color.

What is your brand's mission/purpose:

To help ethnic men look and feel better daily through the use of high quality safe products. We believe men of color shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for them and what works well for them.

What makes your brand GREAT?

We were created from an inspiring trip to Africa, on that trip we discovered ancient grooming traditions used for hundreds of years. our first product, our classic beard oil is a modern rendition of the ancient concoction we brought back from north africa so it has been tried and tested for hundreds of years. all of our future products will use ingredients inspired from our ancient African heritage

How does your brand help your customers epitomize having a "Great Sense of Style"?

Our bearded customers live "stye" and since your beard is one of the first things people see, we help you look and feel your best. you will know what we mean when you start getting a ton of compliments after your first use! Also we pride ourselves on our superior branding, packaging and customer experience compared to other brands who sell to ethnic men.

What is your brand's GREATest accomplishment?

We experienced tremendous growth and because we put our customers first we've been able to sell over 10,000 units of our first product and positively impact thousands of men. in fact one of our customers have bought from us 11 times in the past year -- thats a true testament to the impact we are creating everyday for modern, stylish men.