Mikells Florist

Mikells Florist


Describe your Brand: 

Our expert designers create high-quality floral bouquets and installations that we deliver on hand to individuals and businesses.

What is your brand's mission/purpose:

Our purpose s making sure the company stays in style, provide the highest quality; continue to provide excellent service to consumers.

What makes your brand GREAT?

Mikells Florist is great for many reasons, but more importantly, my brand is great because I'm passionate about what I do. since I can freely create anything from my inspiration, I have an abundant amount of options to work from. colors, textures, and fabrics. this allows me to build something personal for each consumer.

How does your brand help your customers epitomize having a "Great Sense of Style"?

High quality & exceptional service is the standard with Mikells Florist! I say this a lot because I believe in it. everything i create i am confident about. I also share trending styles, flowers, and ideas to further educate on what to look for in each flower or arrangement.

What is your brand's GREATest accomplishment?

Our greatest accomplishment so far is that I committed to my goals and showcased my passion. every entrepreneur has struggled, but you have to keep pushing and stop saying, "I'm about to do this". just make it happen. if you mess up, that's fine. your biggest challenges can be your path to success!