Dapper Sense

Dapper Sense


Describe your Brand: 

A distinguished suit accessory line that produces very high quality products. We specialise in creating bowties, ties, ascots, lapels, and pocket squares.

What is your brand's mission/purpose:

To influence the culture and our youth to carry themselves and dress as kings. Our purpose is to push products that motivate and help kings make a statement.

What makes your brand GREAT?

The ability to leavea. stamp on our culture, a stamp that allows us to feel distinguished and dapper but also ready to serve our individual purposes.

How does your brand help your customers epitomize having a "Great Sense of Style"?

Our products takes an outfit from having a good sense of style to a GREAT sense of style.

What is your brand's GREATest accomplishment?

Staying consistent and and continuing to 'Be Great.'