Dapper Black Box

Dapper Black Box


Describe your Brand: 

We send our monthly subscribers dapper men's accessories and toiletries from black-owned brands

What is your brand's mission/purpose:

Dapper Black Box's mission is to encourage investment into black-owned businesses.

What makes your brand GREAT?

Our brand is great because we champion a collective energy to an industry where individual energy has dominated for a long time. we exist to shed light on and encourage investment into other black-owned businesses. as we get better at fulfilling our mission, everyone wins.

How does your brand help your customers epitomize having a "Great Sense of Style"?

From a clothing standpoint, we deliver new and unique products from a variety of dope brands every month. The connection to style is clear: we expand our subscribers' wardrobes. from a cultural standpoint, we work to put collective economics back in style.

What is your brand's GREATest accomplishment?

Sending dbbs to subscribers in 42 out of 50 states.