Dr. Eric Patrick

What is your GREATest accomplishment?

I believe my greatest accomplishment is being able to provide the support my family needs so they can have the opportunities to do whatever it is they want. Outside of that, creating Black Market Exchange has been a tremendous experience in that I'm able to help thousands of people that look just like me to get their financial house in check and build wealth for the future.

What has been the GREATest moment of your life?

The greatest moment in my life would have to be when my wife (then girlfriend) moved to Dallas, TX with me literally with a couple suitcases. She has recently started a new job in Chicago but we always had had a long distance relationship. For her to let that go and believe in me, better yet believe in us, even after my past failures truly is truly a display of love in its greatest form.

What does BEing GREAT mean to you?

Being great to means not settling for less than what you know you can do. We all have skills. Some are more prominent than others but too many times outside people want to knock our hustle. Tuning out the noise and focusing on yourself and becoming a better you every day is a public display of being great.




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