What is your GREATest accomplishment?

I don’t think I’ve even gotten close to my greatest accomplishment yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve reached a lot of milestones last year, but my mentality is always “what’s next!?” Its a blessing and a curse. Everyday that I continue to chase my dreams is my greatest accomplishment. I personally think it’s a great feat for anyone to wake up and decide to create their own reality.

What has been the GREATest moment of your life?
The greatest moment in my life so far is when I took control of my happiness. I was in a state where I was holding on to a lot of emotional and mental baggage, and this started to affect how I treated my loved ones, my business, and even myself. I realized that the energies you decide to acknowledge is exactly what the universe gives back. Everything changed when I chose to make an effort to fix the things I could change and focus on the positives of those I couldn’t.

What does BEing GREAT mean to you?

Being great is when you are striving to become the best version of you. We’re born into a societal mindset driven community and a lot of people lose themselves. They’re stuck in a job, relationship, or situation that they don’t want to be in, but DECIDE to stay. BEing GREAT is making the choice to not let your situation define you.