Embracing Greatness with Brandon Walker-Roby



"Brandon portrays his style in numerous ways; athletic, trendy, and comfortable. With the gold watch, Nike prestos, and dad cap, this man know how to be ready situation. Whether he’s walking around town or preparing to attend a sporting event, Brandon is ready for whatever comes his way."

-B. Millage, The Millage

"Roby is an excellent example of a consistent personal brand. Through the content he puts out on social media to his involvements outside of his role at Nike - he utilizes his platform to showcase his passion and occupation simultaneously. With a clear eye for marketing, pulse of the culture, and love of sports; he is a great example of how you can leverage your interest and your work to develop a strong personal brand."

-B.Miller, The Be Great Brand



What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received from?

Life is about who you know. "Who you know will get you in the door, what you know seals the deal."

Describe the style in which you do business, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the way that you work?

Genuine over transactional. Each and every relationship should come from a very genuine place.

What does embracing your greatness mean to you?


"Authentic connection to the consumer is everything."

Embracing Your Greatness...Dig deep, find your passion, and don't stop until your dreams, become your everyday reality.

What makes your brand greater than the competition, what sets you apart?

Authentic connection to the consumer is everything. Once you lead authentically, your understanding of consumers will create a deeper connection, that then creates separation.

From three-piece suits to jeans or high-heels to street kicks, how do you describe your personal style?

Bomber jacket, long scoop tee (Acrux always), distressed denim, and Nikes. This is the ultimate uniform.

Fill in the blank, in order to walk a mile in my shoes you have to be ______? Why?

A believer. My path has been very unpredictable. All I could ever do was trust His word & believe in the Process He set aside for me.

What makes your personal CULTURE so unique? What do you want your impact on the culture at large to be?

In the culture of sport, it's always been a tough transition from sport to the real world. I was fortunate enough to make that transition at a high level, into a well respected career. I pride myself in inspiring the next generation of athletes to look far beyond sport, but always leveraging the power of sport to catipult you to your next move.

In terms of your personal entrepreneurial endeavors, what is the SOUL behind your brand and your main motivator?

Lead, Drive, Coach, Inspire. I'm constantly motivated by enabling the next generation of young black males...athletes specifically. Taking the lessons I've learned from my journey, empowering them to apply & pay it forward.

The goal of the EMBRACE YOUR GREAT campaign is to shine light on the greatness that is our peers, describe the uniqueness of each invdividuals personal or professional brands, how they leverage their own sense of style, and to inspire each and every reader to EMBRACE THEIR GREATNESS in their own STYLE.

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