Daniel Calderon

What is your GREATest accomplishment?

Wow. I’ve been blessed so many times throughout my life that it’s hard to choose my greatest moment. One accomplishment that I have been thinking about a lot lately is, last year, when I made the decision to fall in love with myself and focus on my growth versus always putting others before me.

What has been the GREATest moment of your life?

When first starting a business, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a positive cash flow. One of the greatest moments in my life was the moment when I was doing my quarterly budget and I realized that I was financially free to cut my “corporate umbilical cord.” I know longer had to have a part-time job in order to pay my bills. It was a great moment because I realized that all of my hard work was beginning to pay off.

What does BEing GREAT mean to you?

To me, greatness is being able to impact the lives of others in remarkable and new ways. Greatness is in all of us, but how we decide to tap into our gifts in the effort of helping others, is the difference between being just talented and being great.


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