Shoot Your Shot! The Art of Getting What You Want

I know once I get my foot in the door I have what it takes to make the magic happen to close a deal, but getting my foot in the door is not always an easy task. Through working with my nonprofit, The Black Burdell, and lifestyle website, The Scheme Team, I’ve started to define and refine the art of “Shooting My Shot.”

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Everybody Eats. Staying Hungry at Dallas’ Entrepreneurs Dinner

This past weekend I was afforded the opportunity to be a part of a private, hand-crafted Entrepreneurs Dinner in Downtown Dallas, Texas. The dinner brought together entrepreneurs of many industries and backgrounds to share what their business is, their business challenges, and how they can help others.

Above all else I left the dinner with a new community and new business (and life) lessons.

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Why You’re Not Winning.

Winners love to see other winners win, I say it all the time. Though, you probably don’t care about seeing others win if you can’t figure out the whole “winning thing” yourself. Over the past few months (years, actually), I’ve talked to countless hustlepreneurs — those who are hustling night in day in hopes of their business taking off, that they’ll get that next promotion, or that they’ll get noticed. 

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