be relentless.

It's 2019, you're in the gym, drinking water, ready to take the world by storm, you've set your intentions for the year, created your content calendar and you're ready to work. Kudos and congrats, but you said the same thing last year.
Here's where you say, "dang B, that's some negative energy to bring in the new year."

Hear me out, I'm not saying this to demotivate you; instead, I'm saying this to light a fire under you and to make this year unlike any other. 

Note: In my head, this is where you walk to the mirror, look at yourself in the eyes, give your self a pep-talk and you tell yourself that you will be relentless in pursuing your passion this year

There is power in your thoughts, greater power in molding those thoughts into words, and the greatest power comes from believing, with the utmost conviction, in the words you speak. If you really need a pep talk, Rocky Balboa's "It's Not How Hard Ya Hit," is a personal favorite.

If you are relentless in owning your confidence and practicing gratitude there'es no doubt that you'll be successful this year  -- this is the intersection of Being Great & Staying GREATful (for those looking for the SparkNotes).

so here we go...

If you follow me on social media, you probably have noticed that I have been big chillin' the months of November and December. In September, I sat down and thought about what my January through October of 2018 looked like... we did a lot.  I accomplished a lot of goals, met tons of people, collaborated with numerous brands, and progressed in a lot of different avenues in my life - but something still felt off. I felt as if I wasn't truly in the driver's seat but the car was still going... I was ghostridin' my whip.

I realized that I was always planning, always creating, always promoting that I never got to sit and appreciate our accomplishments. I honestly don't think I'm an anomaly in that, I'd bet money that the year seemed like a blur to you because you were laser-focused on achieving your goals that you didn't have the opportunity to appreciate the moments that aggregated to your achievements. You spent so much energy consuming information, trying to stay on the leading edge of trends and grow your follower count that you didn't take time to just be

here's my advice for 2019

take one step at a time.

You know the saying, "crawl before you walk," right? Social media has fast-tracked us into craving microwavable success. We all are out here trying to build Rome in a couple of hours and get frustrated when it comes crashing down.

So yes, Rome wasn't built in a day - BUT they were laying bricks every hour. It takes steady steps, dedication, persistence and TIME to achieve your goals. Think about it, if you accomplish one thing a day, you'll accomplish 365 things in a year... that's 365 steps further than you are right now.

Be patient with your goals, learn, fail, improve - every forward step you take is a step in the right direction.

trust the process.

Be relentless in sticking to your long-term plans, despite short-term failures. The sooner you realize you won't win 100% of the time, the sooner you'll be able to dust yourself off and try again (cheesy, idc).
I appreciate the way that Muhammad Ali puts it,

"Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even." - Muhammad Ali

this defeat can be your circumstance, upbringing, resources, finance, relationships or a myriad of other things - trust that there was a purpose for that defeat, channel that energy, and win.
enjoy the journey

Stop what you're doing and just smile for 30 seconds.
Why did you stop? Those thirty seconds aren't up yet - get back to it.

We spend so much time with furrowed brows, scratching our heads in deep-thought and not enough time truly enjoying the mini-moments that make up our day. If you actually smiled for that 30 seconds I bet your entire mood changed, you probably were filled with positive thoughts -- this is the energy that you need to be pouring into everything you do this year. 

If you are ambitious and goal-oriented like I'm assuming you are, you'll never be satisfied. You complete a goal, you come up with another. You get a promotion, you think about the next one. You get a six-pack (what are those?), and now you want eight (really, what are those?). Don't place all of your happiness in 'point A' and 'point B,' learn to appreciate the space in-between. 

So go ahead and take your first step, know that failure isn't final and trust the process; throughout it all, look at the positives and enjoy the journey.

Brandon Miller