Kyle Walcott

What is your GREATest accomplishment?

Honestly, I feel as if I haven’t achieved my GREATest accomplishment yet. I say that because I’ve gradually been turning the wheels on recognizing the actions and steps I should be taking to be successful with all my endeavors, wise with balancing my priorities, and intentional with what I deem important in life. Yes, I’ve achieved professional and personal success but I believe my GREATest accomplishments are yet to come and they include becoming the best Christian, husband, father, son, and friend that I can be. Overall, I strive to be GREATer.

What has been the GREATest moment of your life?

The greatest moment of my life was seeing my mother’s face and hugging her at the end of my college graduation ceremony. After 22 years of trials, tribulations, highs, and lows, the accomplishment served as reassurance to her that all her perseverance and resilience was worth it and paid off. I felt very happy knowing that my commitment to making her proud had reached a peak because when I graduated, she graduated again too.

What does BEing GREAT mean to you?

To me, BEing GREAT means being who God has destined you to be on this earth. Anybody can be great in various facets of life but it takes a strong man or woman to be great at living out their purpose. If I am doing things that showcase my faith, highlight my morals, and advocate for the greater good of all people — then I know I’m doing the right thing.


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