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Using Effective Unconscious Bias Training to Promote Organizational Change

In order to empower employees and create lasting growth, businesses will want to consider conducting business-wide unconscious bias trainings regarding diversity and inclusion. Studies show that properly-designed trainings can increase managerial representation across ethnicities while empowering women to seek out mentorship opportunities. By recognizing the benefits that a powerful unconscious bias training can deliver, companies can craft evidence-based seminars to promote an inclusive culture in which all employees can thrive and add value.

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Black Tech Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2019

I vividly remember the mix of shock and comfort I felt upon entering Disrupt Indy’s inaugural conference in 2017. I was raised in the Midwest, but going to a black tech conference in Indianapolis didn’t seem like a possibility years ago. That’s why the emergence of tech hubs outside of Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley has been really validating. The energy at Disrupt Indy was unique — like hanging out with a bunch of tech-obsessed cousins and other family members. I felt immediately comfortable being my authentic self as we discussed the importance of inclusive technology, bias in recruiting processes, and the need for black tech founders. I also felt genuinely supported by the companies recruiting at the event. Representation matters, and demonstrating a commitment to creating inclusive spaces for people of color in technology is increasingly important

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Clarkston Consulting Introduces IDEA Seminar Series to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Professional services firm Clarkston Consulting today introduced the IDEA Seminar Series, an innovative, action-based diversity and inclusion training program aiming to replace the routine, check-the-box diversity programs of the past. Each IDEA Seminar provides attendees with a platform to Inform, Discuss, Engage, and Act on an issue related to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality in Action.

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