A creative brief is a document created between a client and designer before any work begins. Throughout the project, the creative brief continues to inform and guide the work. A good creative brief will answer the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of a project.

Name *
About Your Company/Organization.
Insert or describe as much product/service information as possible here. Be sure to include why your products and services are different than your competition and what is unique and exclusive about your product. At the end of the day why would people choose your products/services rather than your competition?
Insert any relevant information about you or your company. Shed light on what your company does, how long you have been in business, your employees, geographic spread, etc.
About Your Vision.
Please include the key message / proposition here that you want your new logo and brand to communicate.
Where will your new logo/design be used?
How is your new design/logo to be used, select all that apply:
About Your Target Audience.
How is your new logo to be used, select all that apply:
Design Preferences
Does it need to complement the organization’s existing branding (logos, font, colors, style, etc.) or is it to be purposely different. Would you prefer the branding/logo to be modern, simple, artistic, etc? Describe how you want the overall look and feel of the branding/logo to be.
Please list the current marketing material and campaigns that you are actively using or pursuing that we will need to accommodate in the design. Provide URL links to any samples in the space below, or email any example marketing materials to
Is there an official style guide that the designer needs to follow? This would normally include logo usage rules, specific fonts, and color codes that need to be adhered to.
What style would you prefer for your logo/branding?
If you have the exact PMS, CMYK, or RGB values – please provide them; if not, please provide as accurate of a color description as you can.
Please know that images should in general be kept to an optimized file size for faster download when viewing your site. Feel free to include any URL links to images you would like used, or email images to
Please identify any fonts or types of fonts you would like to use for the body of you’re site. If you are unsure we can select a font for you.
Please provide website URLs if possible.
In your own words, is there anything else you would like to mention about your design preferences / requirements?
Project Schedule.
What is the deadline for this project?
What is the deadline for this project?
What is your approximate budget for this project (optional)

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