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about the campaign.

this campaign tells the unique stories of nonprofits & change agents across the country. we will shine light on the passions in which organizations were birthed and and the motivations and impact of community builders. the campaign is built on the premise of synergy and that through working together we can provide a greater impact to the community than we could individually.


what we need from you.

step 1: record a 30-60 second video

  • notes: if using your phone, shoot in landscape, wear your brand’s apparel, be great gear, or unbranded apparel.

step 2: fill out the form below (it only takes 60 seconds)

step 3: upload a high-res head shot

step 4: share the campaign video to your social media (optional, i guess)

step 5: hit the button below:

example of how images will look.

these are just examples, ok... you’ll look way better (promise)

> than campaign, profile form.

#BEgreat & fill this out by 7/31

get your greater than gear.

watch the video.


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