Manifesting Perseverance with Kiara Frazier’s A Girl with Lupus Foundation

I think there are a few personal attributes that form as the foundation of disruptors and true change-makers. Empathy and as my dad would say, “stick-to-it-ness.” Kiara Frazier has both.

The success of an organization is proportional to the love, effort, and connection the founder(s) have to the mission – with that being said, A Girl With Lupus Foundation will be successful. I’ve known Kiara for the shortest amount of time from the individuals that make up the inaugural “greater than we found it” cohort; in all actuality I can’t even pinpoint when I met here. What I do know is that her energy and positivism are radiant, her love for her daughter, family, and friends are apparent, and her strength is undeniable.

1 in 537 black women
are impacted by lupus.

It was after a couple of encounters when I learned a little bit more about her backstory. Although she has suffered from the symptoms of lupus for over a decade it wasn’t until recently that she was clinically diagnosed with lupus. A fighter by nature and a survivor by grit, she persevered through constant battles; the onset of cancer, and nearly losing her life. But in 2019 she is cancer free, a lupus warrior, and is transforming her experience into a foundation for this community.


I want our legacy to show perseverance through adversity.

- Kiara Frazier

After learning her story, I think I went through a number of distinct emotions. “Someone so full of life, joy, and positive energy was once preparing for hospice care,” I remember thinking. Encouraged by her strength and perseverance, I remember my thoughts swiftly changed to, “this organization is about to make a huge impact.” Although, I’ve heard her story a few times now – every time I hear it I seemingly cock my head to the side, smile, nod to myself and think again, “yupp, definitely making an impact.”

Of individuals diagnosed with lupus, 90% are women.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. All races can develop the disease however lupus is more common, more severe, and can develop at a younger age in African Americans and as many as 1 in 250 women can develop lupus.

What is often overlooked when it comes to patients diagnosed with lupus is that there is an increased level of support that is needed during treatment. Yes, going to the doctor is important but what is overlooked is the community, space, support, and resources needed while lupus warriors are being treated. Kiara’s foundation enhances the knowledge of patients and their families and provides a support system through creating a home of tangible resources with a community of powerful believers and lupus warriors. The organizations supports ‘lupies’ but also those around them. Helping with early detection, education, and assisting with financial needs of patients.


As a new nonprofit in the Dallas community, Frazier has successfully grown awareness based on word of mouth, social media, and brand partnerships. She takes a unique approach to spreading the word, she is a walking testimony of what it means to be a lupus warrior, she speaks on the importance that community and positive energy had on her recovery. Her resonating story not only garners support but creates a safe place for those that have or are affected by lupus.

After following Kiara on Instagram you’ll soon learn that it is her authenticity and persistence towards her goal of raising $50,000 this year to open a facility for those affected by lupus that resonates. Through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, influencers in the community, personal trainers,


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A Girl With Lupus’ legacy will show perseverance through adversity. She is well on her way, and is leaving her community greater than she found it.

When asked what her legacy will be, Frazier states that A Girl With Lupus’ legacy will show perseverance through adversity. She is well on her way, and is leaving her community greater than she found it.

Kiara is undoubtedly a warrior, but in retrospect we are all warriors in some capacity. Though maybe not to the same scale, we have all persevered through unplanned, and sometimes, pretty tough circumstances. Warriors support warriors, and you can support A Girl With Lupus through a donation to their foundation and help them on their quest to raise $50,000 to open a home for lupus warriors or by volunteering your time.

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Brandon Miller