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Building Better Men with Michael Coleman’s Crowned Scholars


passion in action with darryl wyrick’s unravel the pages


A Foundation of Faith in Chloe Airhart’s LIT Bible Study


manifesting PERSEVERANCE with kiara’s a girl with lupus foundation




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+ Crowned Scholars

Crowned Scholars is a Dallas based, 501(c)(3) non-profit, proactive organization whose essential focus is to build the holistic young black man through academic mentoring, intentional conversations, and civic engagement.

donate to crowned scholars.

+ Too Fly Foundation

Through one-of-a-kind programming and fundraising, Too Fly Foundation bridges generations and inspires curiosity abroad while providing students in underserved communities with passports and travel grants so they, too, can gain a global perspective.

donate to too fly foundation.

+ Vogel Alcove

Vogel Alcove is a non-profit organization on a mission to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. It is our vision that every child in our community has a home, a self-sufficient family and a foundation for success in school and life.

donate to vogel alcove.

+ Unravel the Pages

To foster a community of intellectual people who want to spread knowledge, discuss, and breakdown different literary works (of all genres). Ranging from spiritual, self-help books to financial, entrepreneur articles.

email Darryl.

+ A Girl With Lupus Foundation

A Girl With Lupus' mission is enhanced the knowledge of patient and their families, provide a support system through, small group engagements and programs, workshops, and events.

donate to a girl with lupus.

+ Think Tank Tuesdays

Think Tank Tuesdays creates a supportive and relaxed networking environment where anyone can come and work towards the goal of their choice.

+ LIT Bible Study

LIT Bible study focuses on building LIT communities, growing serving, and loving like Christ. LIT grows young adults by practicing transparency, community, and relationships through Christ.

+ Still That Girl

Still That Girl inspires women and girls to look beyond their past and believe in a bright future. We not only helped change the lives of a few women and girls, but that we were the catalyst that helped change the lives of generations of women and girls.