Embracing Greatness with KG Graham

K.G. Graham


If we are talking about an exceptional brand builder, KG remains at the top of the list. I've witnessed first hand the time, hours, and energy KG puts into building his brand and what's even more impressive is the energy he puts into building those around him. KG utilizes his experiences, love for his family, and passions as the fuel for his COSIGN Magazine's and COSIGN Media Group's growth.  Biggest takeaway: "Be Great and #COSIGN Yourself."
-Brandon Miller, The Be Great Brand

At The Millage, we #Cosign KG because of everything he does and everything he is doing. From running an entire media group, magazine, digital platform that explores the hottest music, fashion, and culture, he’s definitely versatile; but so is he style. KG can rock some Jordan shoes, sweats, #Cosign tee, denim jacket, and #Cosign dad cap one minute, and put on a white blazer with a black shawl, turtleneck, and some wazy shoes the next; and wouldn’t miss a beat! (Don’t believe me, check out his instagram @cosginkg). Building his business, and his closet, is why we #Cosign KG to #BeGreat.
-Brian Millage, The Millage


What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The greatest piece of adviced I've ever received was to research the industry you're in thoroughly. Study your competitors, the successful companies, and the companies who are no longer in business so you can learn from their mistakes. Often times, people get into business with little to no research about the field they're in.

Describe the style in which you do business, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the way that you work?

I'd say the biggest thing I've learned is that I need to become more aggressive. I'm naturally a laid-back type of guy, but in business if you want something you have to go get it. I'm really inspired by Diddy and 50Cent and they're both very aggressive when it comes to business. I typically let business come to me so I can dictate the terms, but I plan to chase more business.

What does embracing your greatness mean to you?

To me embracing your greatness means to accept your GOD given talents. GOD blessed us all with greatness, talents, ambition, and the mind to obtain anything and everything we want out of life. Embracing my greatness means to hone in on my talents and maximize my potential.

What makes your brand greater than the competition, what sets you apart?

I think my brand name automatically sets me apart from most companies. A "COSIGN" can apply in any field of business so I'm not limited to a specific niche like most media companies. And the fact that my brand is solely about shining light on others and embracing their greatness our followers know that we're in this for the culture and not ourselves. A lot of brends have alternative motives. We solely focus on positivity, you can't #COSIGN negativity, gossip, and anything that brings another person down.


Embracing your greatness means to accept your GOD given talents.

From three-piece suits to jeans or high-heels to street kicks, how do you describe your personal style?

I'm a man of many styles. Like stated before I look up to Diddy and 50 Cent and I like that they both can wear anything from a three-piece suit, to jeans, to sneakers, to casual wear and still be authentic. I'm able to switch it up when needed and still be K.G. day in and day out. Authenticity is key.

Fill in the blank, in order to walk a mile in my shoes you have to be ______? Why?

In order to walk a mile in my shoes you have to be a savage! I feel like I've lived three lives already. I've been knocked down, rose to the top, to get knocked down again and I'm still here chasing my dreams. I had a kid at 19, worked multiple jobs, had multiple side husles all while going to school and taking care of my kid. I've done more in my lifetime than I could write in this email but people only see what you allow them to. So to a walk a mile in my shoes you have to be a complete savage.

What makes your personal culture so unique? What do you want your impact on the culture at large to be?

I think being a young father and black Panamanian male makes my personal culture unique. I want to change the way people view Blacks and latinos in business. My ultimate goal is to create documentaries and share success stories from people in my culture in hopes to inspire others. There's a lot of Afro Latinos in this world but they're hardly recognized. I want to make sure we have a voice, our stories are told correctly, and that people understand no matter your background you can truly do anything you put your mind to.

In terms of your personal entrepreneurial endeavors, what is the SOUL behind your brand and your main motivator?

Great question, the SOUL behind my brand is to COSIGN entrepreneurs and creatives that tend to get overlooked. I've always been intrigued on what makes people do what they do and I want to share that information to hopefully inspire others. If you think how powerful a legitimate COSIGN can be for someone's career, to be able to have that impact for someone is life changing. My main motivator is my daughter, I want her to provide her with all the necessary tools she needs to be successful in life whether its money, knowledge, relationships, or a job. My last name will hold weight and she'll be left an empire when I'm done Milly Rocking my way to billionaire status like one of our competitors, Shane Smith CEO of VICE.

The goal of the EMBRACE YOUR GREAT campaign is to shine light on the greatness that is our peers, describe the uniqueness of each invdividuals personal or professional brands, how they leverage their own sense of style, and to inspire each and every reader to EMBRACE THEIR GREATNESS in their own STYLE.

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