Embracing Greatness with Jamila Sherman

Jamila Sherman


"I love Jamila’s style! As a member of 808 entertainment, a Dallas-based agency for creatives to curate dope musical content and artist appreciation, she constantly stays on top of “what’s hip” in urban fashion. While working at her 9-5 she’s chic, but after 5 she’s edgy with leather skirts, leather jackets, and gold accessories. Jamila is a great example of a woman who can rock Chelsea boots for work and tennis shoes (like Nike and Adidas), and STILL kill a runway."

-B. Millage, The Millage


"Jamila definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, better yet 808s. What I admire most is her balance of her personal brand, Jay Sage, professional brand, 808 entertainment, and collaborations. Through deep subject matter expertise in the music industry, and commitment to highlighting Dallas events and tastemakers, and the fact that she is unapologetically true to herself. Oftentimes she is behind the scenes making magic happen - which is a great way for your work to speak for itself."

-B.Miller, The Be Great Brand



What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received from?

The two best pieces of advice I’ve ever received were that a candle loses nothing by lighting another and if you’re persistent you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.

Describe the style in which you do business, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the way that you work?

I am extremely detailed and collaborative when it comes to how I conduct business. I prefer to conduct as much in person as possible because it not only encourages ideas and helps with clear communication, but also helps me better observe the brand I’m dealing with. I’ve learned that the clear communication helps keep execution hiccups at a minimum. As far as the observance aspect, that allows me to better identify that parties’ strengths and weaknesses and figure out how to best optimize off this collaboration based off mine as well.

What does embracing your greatness mean to you?


Embracing your greatness means to not only discover your strengths, but to also always nurture them, let them manifest and grow for your benefit.

Embracing your greatness means to not only discover your strengths, but to also always nurture them, let them manifest and grow for your benefit. It took me years to finally understand my assets, after years of people pointing them out, for me to fully recognize them. In result, it’s now a lifestyle that serves a true purpose.

What makes your brand greater than the competition, what sets you apart?

My personal brand Jay Sage is a creative arts management company that’s expanded into an event/festival curation brand as well. What makes it valuable and unique is me - I work as a one-man-band. I’m able to give you insights on everything from venue selection depending on the type of vibe you want, to how to manage artist logistics for a concert festival with over 20,000 people in attendance. My knowledge and experience is what sets Jay Sage apart.

From three-piece suits to jeans or high-heels to street kicks, how do you describe your personal style?

I love shoes and jewelry – the details. I’m most likely dressed in gold jewelry, sneakers and a dress. My style has definitely become more street chic and reflective of my industry the more I became passionate about it. I love it.

Fill in the blank, in order to walk a mile in my shoes you have to be ______? Why?

Passionate and resilient. Passion fuels everything you need to run a successful business, if you’re truly passionate about it. It keeps you motivated to strive for all of your needs and wants for the brand. The resiliency is necessary because of the need to be able to withstand when certain things don’t go as planned.

What makes your personal culture so unique? What do you want your impact on the culture at large to be?

First of all I’m Black therefore, any impact I leave on the culture I would like my people to benefit the most from it. I want that impact to be a positive one in the sense of people being encouraged to just do what makes them happy as well as being their own boss. What makes it unique is that I go about it through an industry that promotes the universal language - music.

 In terms of your personal entrepreneurial endeavors, what is the SOUL behind your brand and your main motivator?

My main motivators are my parents and I don’t think they know that. I won’t feel as though I’ve truly “made it” until I can 100% support them comfortably, simply because I just want to. The soul of my brand is music because that’s what feeds it.

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