Embracing Greatness with DJ So4Kis


DJ So4kis

"A brand is built on character and authenticity, Steven, better known as DJ SO4KIS epitomizes both. After meeting Steven and seeing him hosting and DJing various events, the first thing I've noticed is he is looking to push the envelope, break the mold, and transcend "being just another Hop DJ." I also respect the fact that he creates his own lane and is committed to learning about himself and his industry to continuously revamp and build his brand." 
Brandon Miller, The Be Great Brand

"in a nutshell, So4Kis has a versatile style! As a DJ, he is typically extremely comfortable as he ALWAYS moving around and spinning to ensure the crowd is live. One thing that we appreciate about him is that his comfort is trendy! From wearing the coolest Jordan or Nike shoes to wearing a classic graphic tee to compliment the shoes, he’s got a great feel for what goes together (and what doesn’t). So4Kis definitely has a handle on sophisticated streetwear fashion, just as he has a sophisticated taste in music."
Brian Millage, The Milalge



What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

"Network. Success is necessarily based on skill and talent. Relationships are important."

Describe the style in which you do business, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the way that you work?

Face to Face. I'm not a strong writer. I understand presentation is key and I carry myself as a business man when discussing business.

What does embracing your greatness mean to you?

Being yourself. Understanding that your uniqueness is what the world needs

What makes your brand greater than the competition, what sets you apart?

Most DJs don't brand themselves. My grind and versatility sets me apart. I'm not just a Hip Hop DJ.

From three-piece suits to jeans or high-heels to street kicks, how do you describe your personal style?

My style is much like my skill; versatile. Trendy, Classic, and Street.

Fill in the blank, in order to walk a mile in my shoes you have to be ______? Why?

Dedicated. The road can be rough and at times it's easy to lose focus. Things don't always go the way you think they should. People aren't as passionate about your dreams and your passion can become your poison. Music doesn't stop and you have to always stay current. That's dedication.  

What makes your personal culture so unique? What do you want your impact on the culture at large to be?

My passion for real music. I want to be remembered as that DJ that played the music other DJs didn't and encourage leadership.

In terms of your personal entrepreneurial endeavors, what is the SOUL behind your brand and your main motivator?

My last name. Family is my main motivator. I'm aware of the everyday struggle and I'm dedicated to break the mold. My goal is to pass along the mindset of a CEO down to my daughter and anyone else with a passion along the way.

The goal of the EMBRACE YOUR GREAT campaign is to shine light on the greatness that is our peers, describe the uniqueness of each invdividuals personal or professional brands, how they leverage their own sense of style, and to inspire each and every reader to EMBRACE THEIR GREATNESS in their own STYLE.

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