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My name is Brandon Miller and I'm a tech Consulting, Workplace Diversity Thought Leading, Brand Building, Weight-Lifting, Chipotle-Eating, Serial Side Hustler.

i’m fascinated by the junctions  - that is, where passion meets purpose. where the power of diversity and unique experience catalyze innovation. where collective intellectual capital is harnessed for social good. where generations bridge the and that special moment where you realize your true potential.

So a little bit about me….

I’m a consultant and diversity services lead for Clarkston Consulting and also chair the firm’s Diversity Council. I’ve developed expertise in organizational efficiency, direct to consumer marketing, infrastructure, and sales & marketing, for both consumer products and life science companies. All the while, spearheading professional development, marketing, recruiting and training initiatives to help promote diversity and enable an inclusive workplace. With a passion for developing innovative strategies to improve inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. I am a firm believer that diversity and a culture of belonging is a critical component in unleashing organization’s innovation and organizational effectiveness.

outside of my 9-5…

I am the owner of the Be Great brand a company that focuses delivering brand strategy, ideating creative brand campaigns through storytelling, and motivation and uplift. I’ve co-authored the intersection: shifting into greatness book, which focuses on how creatives, entrepreneurs, and change agents of color have shifted their mindset and embraced their greatness in their personal pursuits. I created the brand.u workbook, which serves as an interactive framework for individuals and organizations to build their brands. I’m the co-founder of the too fly foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that provides passports and travel grants to students in underserved communities through creative fundraising and community outreach. Lastly, I’m a co-host of the cap culture podcast which highlights the intersections between culture, capitalism, and community .

I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and minor in Technology & Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Outside of consulting.

more about me: